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Material: rats bone

Rats are perhaps one of the most iconic and detestable creatures. When people see rats, their first reaction is usually disgust, nausea, and danger. No one wants to see rats in their homes or on the streets, and there are countless rodent control products available on the market. When people want to deal with rats-related problems, the most common solution is to kill them. On the other hand, rats make excellent laboratory animals, and almost any product that requires animal testing will be tried on rats first. This results in the intentional breeding of a large number of rats for experimentation, but ultimately, the fate of the majority of these experimental rats is to be “destroyed.”

This phenomenon makes me feel cruel and helpless. When human needs them, they breed them, and when rats are useless or harmful, they kill them. Rats seem to have become the cheapest items for humans to define when they should exist and when they should disappear. But rats on the other hand just want to survive.

However, life is not a cheap existence. Life is precious, heavy, and dignified. Perhaps I can’t think of a way to replace animal experimentation, nor can I make people like rats. But I want to use my work to show people the sacrifice of rats and their lives also matter. So I made a chrysanthemum shape object from some collected rats bones to express my mourning and respect for them.