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Size: 11*7.5*19.5cm

Material: sables bones

During my research, I accidentally met the owner of a sable farm. She told me that there were two main purposes for the mink raised on her farm: the sable are used for making fur products, while the ferret are sent to laboratories as test animals. Fur products have always been known as expensive luxury items, especially in my hometown where they are very popular. The sable's main habitat is in my hometown where the temperature is relatively low, so since ancient times, hunters have hunted them for their fur to make warm coats. This was a necessary survival strategy at the time. However, nowadays people do not need to use their fur to keep warm, and instead, it has become a luxury item.

I had never heard of using ferret as test animals before. According to my research,  ferrets are currently known as the most susceptible animal model for influenza viruses, and were first used in 1933. Ferret can display symptoms similar to those observed in humans after infection with influenza, and can generate an immune response. Therefore, ferret are one of the best test animals for studying influenza viruses, including avian influenza. Due to the frequent outbreaks of various virus-related influenza in recent years, the demand for ferret has greatly increased.

The fur is not necessary for human, but at this stage, animal testing may be the most effective method for developing new drugs. I cannot condemn any industry without proposing alternative solutions. I simply hope to raise awareness about the sacrifice of these animals. After talking with the farm owner, I collected some mink bones that were initially going to be destroyed. I then used them to make a flower to show that I cherish and appreciate their sacrifice.