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Size: 3~17.5*2~6*5~13.5 cm

Material: beef bones,bone ashes, bone glue

The inspiration for this series of works comes from leftover bones. When I was collecting materials related to animals in life, it was natural for me to start from my dining table. When I was thinking about the reuse of bones, I suddenly thought of some ancient methods. In that era of scarce resources, if people could hunt an animal, they would cherish every part of it and find a use for it with respect. Bone jewelry is also one of the oldest types of jewelry in history.

However, after food processing, bones become difficult to process, and when people see leftover bones, they only feel disgusted or associate it with garbage. So I first sun-dry some of the bones for long time to create a texture similar to rocks or dead wood. Then, I grind the leftover bones into powder or burn them into ash, and mix them to make a creamy texture to create a cream flower growing on top. By creating visual contrasts I try to give these bones, which are considered rubbish by people, some new value.